LoLpartDeux’s website stats for the last Deux Days (yesterday and today)


came to show me one thing…

That there are now more strangers than friends visiting my site. Therefore, I can assume there are more than 3 of you out there reading this. Hello, stranger. Welcome.


Actually, no, it showed me several things.  Let’s take a look at google analytics and analyze this.


It’s like.. 9 pm?… and I have around 200 visitors for today.  To be SUCCESSFUL as a webcomic artist, I must reach numbers in the thousands.  That goal is clearly not within my grasp yet. drew in 1 visit.  WOW.

reddit is clearly a great tool to post a link to my webcomic.  I will use reddit more often.

facebook, although drawing in less traffic, still has the most time in terms of retention rate.  The traffic from facebook actually yields less of a bounce rate than traffic from other sources.

I need to link to more websites or have websites link to mine.


I have been oh so busy but I will faithfully, always faithfully, update for you, my lovely readers/ganderers (I made that word up).  Have a GREATTT DAY!


So lately

this is what I keep on seeing…in my spam inbox

Mitt Romney Wins Nevada Caucus
FEBRUARY 4, 2012

Mitt Romney Wins CPAC Straw Poll
FEBRUARY 11, 2012

Mitt Romney Wins Maine Caucus
FEBRUARY 11, 2012

Mitt Romney Wins Arizona Primary
FEBRUARY 28, 2012

Mitt Romney Wins Michigan Primary
FEBRUARY 28, 2012

Mitt Romney Wins Washington Caucus
MARCH 3, 2012

Mitt Romney Wins Illinois Primary
MARCH 20, 2012

Mitt Romney Wins Maryland
April 3, 2012

What is going on? Why is my news mostly from Huffington post?


In another, completely unrelated topic…

I’ve decided to be more serious with this webcomic as of late. Why? I don’t know, I just want to. So within the next week or weeks, depending on how it goes, I’m going to create a feature comic for random friends. If they “like” what they see, they should make it their profile picture for a day. If not, then may their blasphemous souls be roasted pork-style on a spit until they are well done and evenly seared.

I realize that just having content online is not enough (I am too power hungry to settle for just that), I need to really do more SEO techniques than the 1% of effort I’m putting in thus far. After work I will plunge into the random world of strangers in meetup groups as well as dwelling in online forums and building connections with the local community.

In addition, I am going to do more “how to build a website” tutorials soon with the amount of knowledge I possess, but on a different domain name. One that will be more focused on building websites rather than webcomics. I have so much to TEACH! If only you’d be willing to learn. As a student myself and an aspiring web guru (hah), I figure it’ll be beneficial for myself as well as you to venture forth with me on this journey.


And promise me this

you’ll wait for me only,
scared of the lonely arms.

How thick have your woven walls have erected
how much more of a challenge or chore have you manifested
for me to break down.

When the only ask is a promise of comfort
despite my flaws I want them acknowledged without conditionals
so everything I have would counterbalance
your expected onslaught of no’s.


Something quick I’ve written inspired by Ben Howard’s song Promise.

I’m getting back to becoming creative again in other arenas rather than the dedicated weekly comic strips.


How to Create A Webcomic Part 1


Hi Kim,

My name is Lewis F****** and I am currently studying BTEC Games Development course at ******* College. I am currently working on creating a webcomic and would like to ask you a few questions regarding how you create your webcomics.

If you could answer the questions stated below you would helping me greatly.
1) What is your method for creating webcomics?
2) What tips would you recommend for creating webcomics?
3) What software do you use/recommend?
4) How long does it usually take to create a webcomic?

Thank you for your co-operation.

I will look forward to your reply.

Best regards

Lewis F*****


So I’ve been receiving emails from various people but this one particular email, I feel compelled to put online. I put stars there to protect his identity, so no sir, his last name is NOT a swear word.

With little further ado…

Q) What is my method?

A) So before you make a webcomic you really just have to enjoy doing it or else it will become an inconsistent thing and die off in a couple of months (granted, this website has only been up for that long…). What I did was this: I bought a domain ($10/yr-ish), I bought a hosting site ($100/yr-ish), I linked my domain name to my hosting site ($0), and I was OFF!

At this point what’s important is the platform you use. I first used Drupal but much to my dismay, they didn’t have a webcomic template. I’d have to actually create the interface I want and I didn’t want to do that yet; I figured I just needed a place to store my content with as little maintenance as possible. WordPress provided that for me with two things… a theme catered to webcomic building and a plugin aptly titled “Webcomic”.

So how the heck do you go from an empty site directly to having wordpress up? Easy as pie. You log into your hosting program and most of them provides you with a control panel called a “cPanel”. You look for the icon labeled “Sofalicious” and it is essentially like a plugin within your hosting interface where you can just install WordPress with a click of a button. There are other ways to go about installing Drupal, WordPress, Joomla… but this is by far the easiest method to go.

Try it.

Once you’ve installed it, you get a login page at and you can start posting away! There are other, detailed steps I will go into later with Part 2 and Part 3…etc. But this is at least a start if you don’t know where to go or what to do.


A) The most important tip I can give you is get a good SEO plugin. What does SEO stand for? Search Engine Optimization. The only way google, bing, yahoo will give you site credibility in order to climb up their ranks is for them to know you exist on more than just a domain name level. A good plugin to help you out with that is YOAST. I’ll go into this more in part 2. Several other tips are to read the README files of all your plugins that you install. Always back up your files. Make a separate, test site and test changes on that site instead of your original one. Also, you need to update frequently or else your readership will die in a matter of 1 or 2 days. To create more readership you have to have social networking buttons present and you have to be involved with the webcomic community (which for the moment I’m trying to penetrate, haha).


A) Honestly the only software I use is probably Adobe Photoshop because WordPress is so easy to use and navigate. However, there are some Drupal based webcomic sites and for those you need Drush or some program that can link your local content to your site (for me it was Dreamweaver).

Q) How long does it usually take?

A) For a beginner, if you are digging around and confused and lost and reading forums after forums, it will take you probably 1 month. For someone who knows a bit about hosting and domains, a week. For someone like me, 2 days (Like a boss). =)


Thanks for your questions, Lewis. Hoped this helped! Stay tuned for part DEUX.

All the puns I’ve used…were intended.



Why hello there…

I said I would start blogging more so here I am and I’m going to talk about two things:

1) My goals for this whole webcomic gig

2) Life in general

First off… YES, this platform is from wordpress.  Did I “cop out” and used a simple platform?  In a sense I did.  I just wanted something simple so that I wouldn’t have to spend tons of time managing it because all I really wanted to do was put up my material.  And in the famous words of Shoeless Joe Jackson in the movie Field of Dreams (I’m quoting a fictional character in a movie), “If you build it, they will come.”  I’m hoping if I supply my site with enough funny content I wouldn’t need flashy smoke and mirrors to lure you to visit it.. on a daily basis.

My long term goal for the next however many years (as I continually update this site) is to eventually have enough content to create and publish a webcomic book.  I’ve always wanted to be an author of some sort and I thought why not it be webcomics?  I write avidly within the private confines of my journal, but doodling is a sport I frequently engage in as well… I know, for a FACT, that I will never run out of material.  Therefore, is this goal that Ambitious?  Not really.

In the course of around 2 month, I’ve managed to have..

976 Visit

592 Unique Visitors

6,015 Pageviews

6.16 Pages/Visit
00:06:26 Avg. Time on Site
44.57% Bounce Rate
59.84% % New Visits

That includes a period where my site was completely crashed. (I back up my stuff, now).

If you are reading this (all 4 of you), please “Like” my facebook page for this site!  I’m trying to get 25 people to like it.

And then there’s life in general.  After a really long hiatus due to life changing events, I am now slowly recovering from said events.  Being this ambiguous is the only way I will write about it.   So therefore, life, sooner or later, will be more fine and more dandy.

I appreciate every friend who has helped motivated me to continue on with this endeavor and I will definitely blog more to grace you with my senseless musings.

Adios for now.





I researched and found out that wordpress actually has many things set up for me to venture out into this webcomic territory.  Therefore!!!…. for now I will just experiment with Drupal and still go to Drupal meetup groups until I am ready to transfer my site onto a more powerful CMS.

I learned so much by just asking around and exploring.  However, in the meantime, I will update with this wordpress format because it’s more aesthetically pleasing, it loads faster, and I don’t need to do much to update a post.  I can also schedule for certain pages to be published on certain days and so my audience (hello, Nation) out there will enjoy my musings uninterrupted by life.

I don’t believe in having a “site is down” page until it’s ready because I’d like for you to see my progress.  I’m learning how to modify the css so far and it’s been a blast!  I’ll update soon.  I still need to get everything else in order for this site such as

1 – google analytics

2 – google adsense

3 – sharing buttons (facebook, twitter, etc)

4 – caching performance

Starting next week when I have everything set there will be an uninterrupted stream of M W Thursday updates. =)